It’s Not a Party ’til the HR Lady is Slathered in Butter

NCI_butterA few months ago I made a move that was, let’s face it, the opposite of what every-other-HR-professional in the world seems to have on their career-to-do-list. I left my life as an HR consultant and went back in house to lead an HR department once again.

I missed being an HR lady.

I missed being part of a team. I missed setting long term goals and objectives and having the internal influence and resources to get things done. I missed being affiliated with an organization. Confession time; I found it challenging to talk about “me” (which, let’s face it is what one is selling as a consultant) because I always felt I sounded like a braggadocious egotist. Even though I had the credentials, credibility, and achievements to back up the “me” talk, it felt awkward and uncomfortable. Does that make sense?

But I also missed heading into the office every day. Really. Even though here in Baton Rouge it means a daily craptfest of traffic woes I missed hopping in my car each morning. I missed chatting with people at the coffee pot, grabbing a quick conversational moment in the ladies room, and being physically together with coworkers. Really. While every other person in the world seems focused on finding ways they can get their work done from home or the local coffee shop, I have to admit I enjoy being all together in one environment. I totally got Marissa Mayer.

This new job of mine is in the entertainment/hospitality industry. A casino as a matter of fact (which any google search of my name will let you know). We are, obviously, in the business of providing fun. We’re busiest when everyone else is not busy and looking for stuff to do; nights, weekends, holidays. 10 PM. Midnight. 2 AM. Holidays.

Naturally, as one might imagine, New Year’s Eve is one of the most frantic days of the year; there are special events, dinners, parties, music, and champagne toasts. Thousands of people stop in for a spot of fun and festivities.

It was all hands on deck of course so I worked that evening. I bussed tables and rolled silverware. I helped a few lost patrons find their way back to the Valet office. I hustled around the dining room to pass out utensils so our diners could crack open their lobsters.

I served a few drinks (non-alcoholic only; I don’t yet have the liquor license that allows me to pass out the good stuff) and wiped down some bathroom counters. I took a stroll through the gaming floor to say “hello” but also to pick up stray papers and pieces of refuse.

By the end of the night I was exhausted. I also had an absolute blast.

Teamwork at its finest. Exactly what I wanted when I went back to join an organization; a place where we all work together to make sure the biggest night of the year is a roaring success.

Those lobsters though. Thousands of lobsters served as part of the New Year’s Eve dinner. Lobsters which, naturally, require melted butter.

At one stage during the evening, as I was moving through a back hallway near the kitchen I heard Chef A yelling across the kitchen to Chef B: “hey…someone get a mop out here and clean this floor. The HR Lady almost fell on this butter.”

It’s good to be back.


thanks to my friend Kelly Blokdijk for the blog post title


6 thoughts on “It’s Not a Party ’til the HR Lady is Slathered in Butter

  1. I love your honest post about the dilemma many solo practitioners face. The benefit for your company — I bet you are a better, improved practitioner since being a consultant. Congratulations on taking the leap and “going back in” !

  2. Enjoy! I hope it works for you and brings you some well-deserved joy and satisfaction. I need to note however, that may corp gigs are fun, engaging and fulfilling but that can all depend on the corp culture. Glad you found a good one. Not everyone is so lucky.

  3. Robin, you are right. There is something to be said about being in the office – working around others. There is an energy…a connection…that can’t be found anywhere else. Find a place where you can have fun AND be paid….win/win.

    By the way, when reading your story, I noticed that none of the things you mentioned had NOTHING to do with the role of the HR Lady. You were there to do whatever…and I think you set a fantastic example that night……….whether you know it or not.

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