Why Your HR Lady Hates Holidays

margarita holidaysYesterday (Monday, February 22nd), in case you didn’t celebrate, was Margarita Day.

Due to the social pressure of Facebook and Twitter, there were any number of us who felt the need to knock back a healthy dose of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. A task – I will admit – at which I failed miserably.

Today (February 23rd), just so you know, is:

  • Banana Bread Day
  • Play Tennis Day
  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • Curling is Cool Day (I’ll wait while those of you outside Canada and/or the midwestern states of the US go and GTS)

Your local HR lady is fed up.

Why you may ask? Let me count the ways:

  • Patty, from the Accounting Department, will bring in 6 loaves of banana bread (that she stayed up all night baking!) which she will lovingly slice and place in the employee break room. She will also supply three tubs of spreadable pseudo-butter. At 10:09 AM, when no one except Phil from Receiving has eaten any of her banana bread, Patty will come down to HR (in tears) and complain that no one likes her because she complained about the satanic (** rap**) music that was played at the 2012 company picnic (“you know, the one at the Zoo? When we had the musician and the clown that did the face painting?”). The HR lady, knowing full well that no one wanted to touch Patty’s banana bread because Patty has neither washed her hair in 3 weeks not changed her clothes in 10 years, remains silent
  • HR ladies do not play tennis
  • I can actually support this one. HR ladies, contrary to popular opinion,  love dogs. Not cats. Really.
  • Curling? Really? A freaking holiday for curling? WTF is the deal with the broom?

At this point your HR lady, like HR ladies the world over, heads out to get a drink.

And that drink would be the margarita she missed yesterday.


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