Past Events

“How to Boost Your Post-Offer Candidate Engagement”HackerEarth webinar, April 2022

“Now What? Top 3 Considerations for Covid-19 Testing and Workforce Health” – TLNT webinar, February 2022

“HR Mojo” – Northwest Louisiana SHRM Chapter, January 2022

A No-Fluff Practical Guide to Boosting Mental Wellness in Your Workforce – webinar, November 2021

Building A Modern Benefits Communication Strategy Colonial Life webinar, September 2021

Talent Readiness: Preparing for the FutureATD-Baton Rouge, September 2021

Frontline Empowerment: is it Worth the Risk? – CUE, Inc, Spring Virtual Conference, May 2021

Future Readiness: Preparing Employees for DisruptionATD Virtual Conference, October 2020

Pandemic Phase “Now”: Planning for a Safe Return to the Workplace – with, October 2020

“The Fetishization of Employee Engagement” – TA Global Gathering, July 2020

“How to Be an Independent Thinker in a Conventional World” – HR Summer School, June 2020

“Creating a Culture of Transparency and Trust”HR Leader Summit, May 2020

“Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role”HR Today | Building the Future Workforce Series, April 2020

Panel: How Will Automation Change the Role of Recruiters – TA Tech North American Digital and TA Tech Europe, April and May 2020

“The Biggest Losers: When HR and Recruiting Compete, No One Wins”ERE Recruiting Conference, April 2020, San Diego, CA

“COVID-19: What Small Business HR Needs to Know” – BalanceTrak webinar, March 2020

“Retention: Why it Begins (but doesn’t end!) with Recruiting”Talent Success Conference, September 2019, Boston, MA

“User Adoption: How to Successfully Herd ALL the Cats!”HR Tech Conference, October 2019, Las Vegas

ERE(October 2019 – Washington, DC) – “Age Discrimination: Are You Biased?” (panel)

“I Love You HR!” (said no recruiter ever)RecFest, July 2019 – London, UK

WorkHuman (March 2019 – Nashville, TN) – Beyond Buzzwords: Real Talk on What it Takes to Create an Amazing Culture (panel)

“Why Retention Begins (but doesn’t end) with Recruiting” – PRO*ACT HR Conference, April 2019 – New Orleans, LA

 “Generations at Work: The Hype, The Myths and the Reality” NetConnect, April 2019 – New Orleans, LA

HR Redefined (May 2019 – NYC) – “HR Software: From Purchase to Adoption” (panel)

“Bridging the Digital Divide in the Workplace”HR Tech Conference, September 2018

“Welcoming our Robot Overlords: Why Your Next HR ‘Hire’ May Not Be Human” – Greater Baton Rouge SHRM Annual Conference, October 2018

“The Robots Are Out to Get YOU! The Positive Impact of Automation on Recruitment” (panel) – UNLEASH, May 2018

WorkHuman – April 2018

ICHRMA 2018 Conference – May 2018

“Keeping the Human Touch with AI and Technology Enabled Recruitment” and “How to be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” HR Innovation and Tech Fest – Sydney, Australia, November 2017

ElevateHR BambooHR (virtual conference)

HR Tech Conference – Las Vegas, NV, October 2017

“How to Be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” and “Comp and Benefits as a Talent Attraction Strategy,”  OHIO SHRM State Conference, September 2017

“How to Be A Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” – Greater Baton Rouge SHRM, August 2017

“Three Ways Performance Management is Changing in 2017” (webinar) – Association of Legal Administrators

“Hiring for a ‘Challenging’ Culture” – WorkHuman – Phoenix, AZ, May 2017

HR Tech World – San Francisco, CA June 2017

Job Board Summit (panel); New Orleans, LA, June 2017

“Happiness and Employee Engagement; Mutually Exclusive or Necessary Partners for Organizational Success?” TLNT, June 2017 (webinar)

“The Journey to Hiring Success” (panel) – Smart Recruiters, Hiring Success ’17, April 2017

DisruptHR New Orleans – January 2017

“How to Be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” – Acadiana SHRM, February 2017

“Hiring for a ‘Challenging’ Culture”TalentWeek, November 2016

“How to Be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” – Bayou SHRM, July 2016 

“Sharing the Responsibility for Onboarding Success” – Gulf Coast Talent Development Conference, September 2016

“The Brave New World for Talent Professionals”HR Innovators virtual conference, September 2016

“3 Ways Performance Management Will Change in 2016” – World at Work (webinar), June 2016

Please (Don’t) Stop the Music: Branding the Entire Employee Lifecycle” – #truNOLA, July 2016

“Party Of 3: How Recruiters, HR Professionals, and Hiring Managers Contribute To Onboarding Success” – ERE(webinar) , April 2016

“Candidate Experience: Maintaining Consistency from Application to Onboarding” – Human Capital Institute (webinar)

“The Holistic Approach to Employer Branding” – HRO Today (webinar)

“Lessons from Hollywood: HR and Pop Culture” – 2015 Annual Gulf Coast Human Resources Conference, Mobile, AL 

“Hey Third Party Recruiters! Tips for Winning the Hearts and Minds of HR” – Recruiting Daily (webinar)

NetConnect 2015 – New Orleans, LA

HR Technology Conference & Exposition – HR Tech Insider

“Comp and Benefits as a Talent Attraction Strategy,” North Alabama SHRM, Compensation and Benefits Workshop, September 2015

“Social HR: Behavior and Practice in our Brave New World” – American Public Power Association (Business and Financial Conference), New Orleans, September 2015 

“The Evolution of the Resume: A View from HR” – National Resume Writers’ Association Annual Conference, (opening keynote) Charlotte NC, September 2015

“Lessons from Hollywood: HR and Pop Culture”  and “Your Culture Sucks…But You Still Have to Hire!” (withBill Boorman) – OHIO HR Conference, September 2015

“Setting Onboarding Expectations: How to Partner with Recruiters and Hiring Managers” Talent Management Alliance, Strategic Talent OnBoarding Conference, October 2015

“How to be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” – SHRM Annual Conference (Smart Stage), June 2015

“Drivers of Engagement in New Hire Onboarding” (panelist/webinar), Brandon Hall Group, February, 2015

“Attack of the HR Ladies”(with Kristi Jones– #TalentNet Interactive powered by Dice, March 2015

#truBatonRouge, January, 2015

“Escape to Reality; the Social Job Search” Louisiana State University, January, 2015 

“How to be a Ferociously Awesome HR Pro” – SHRM @ LSU, January, 2015

“Ways to Improve Your Recordkeeping: a New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep” – HRDirect, January 2015

“Essential Factors to Enhance Your Hiring Approach”HRDirect,  December 2014

“How Social Collaboration Impacts Employee Learning, Engagement and Productivity”  – New Orleans Chapter ASTD, October 2014

“Attaining Universal Buy-In for Change through Communication and Empowerment”HR Business Partner Strategy ConferenceTMA, San Diego, CA, October 2014

“Optimizing your Social Media Presence for Job Search and Career Development”– Baton Rouge Social Media Association, November 2014

“Blurred Lines – Successfully Managing Work Life Integration,”  Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance, Annual Conference, October 2014

“Keeping HR Relevant,” NOLA SHRM 2014 Conference and Exposition, October 2014

“Preserve, Collect & Amend” – DisruptHR – Cleveland, OH, July 2014

”Keeping HR Relevant – Illinois SHRM State Conference, August 2014

“Your Circus, Your Monkeys: The Leader’s Role in Talent Management”Project Management Institute (Baton Rouge Chapter), July 2014

“Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant” (SHRM Smart Stage) – SHRM 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition, June 2014 (SHRM Smart Stage presenter and #SHRM14 official blogger)

“Come Together:  HR’s Role in Building a Collaborative Workplace”  SHRM Atlanta HR Conference, April 2014, Oklahoma SHRM State Conference and ICHRMA Annual Conference, May 2014

“Step Up Your HR Brand (Competence, Confidence and Credibility)”Alabama SHRM State Conference, May 2014

“Retention: Why it begins (but doesn’t end!) with Recruiting” – Acadiana SHRM, May 2014

”Keeping HR Relevant” – Metro Milwaukee SHRM Annual Conference, April 2014

Louisiana Medical Group Management Association (LMGMA) Annual Conference, April 2014

#DiceTru Atlanta –  “We’re in this together:  Why HR and Recruiting should be BFFs”, February, 2014

“How to Use Employee Feedback to Drive Breakthroughs –, February 2014

“Exposing your Underbelly:  Social Networks and your Job Search” – Louisiana State University, Sports Administration program, January 2014

“Keeping HR Relevant:  A Call to Arms” – Greater Baton Rouge SHRM Annual Conference, October 2013

HR’s Turning Point: Are You Staying in Place or Moving Forward? – with Bill Boorman – 2013 HR Florida Conference and Expo, Orlando, FL, August 2013, HR Indiana Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, August 2013, Louisiana SHRM 2013 State Conference on HR, April 2013,

“Effective Communication Skills” – Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals; Nutrition Services Conference, New Orleans, LA, July 2013

“Strategic Relationship Management: The Secret to HR’s Success” – Strategic HR Leadership Summit, BLR/HR Hero, May 2013

“Let’s Get Social:  How HR Pros Can Gain a Competitive Advantage”– HRMA of New Orleans, October 2012; ICHRMA (Lake Charles, March 2013; Northwest Louisiana SHRM, March 2013; Northshore HR Management Association, Mandeville, LA, July 2013)

“Can You Find Me Now? How to Use Online Social Networks to Boost Your Job Search and Your Career” – Baton Rouge Social Media Association, March 2012 and SHRM at LSU, April 2012

“Ask Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies:  Behavioral Interviewing in Today’s Organizations” – Northeast Louisiana SHRM chapter, November 2011

“Social Media in the Workplace:  What the HR Pro Needs to Know” – GSMI’s HR & Employer Compliance Summit, San Diego, CA, November 2011

“Keeping HR Relevant” – SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University, October 2011

“HR Y?” – SHRM at LSU, October 2011

“Is HR Still Relevant?” SHRM at LSU, March 2011

“Are You Tardy to the Party? Why HR Professionals Need to Understand and Utilize Social Media” – Greater Baton Rouge SHRM, February 2011

“Social Media in the Workplace” – Public Relations Association of Louisiana, 2010 (Panel Member)

“Effective Employee Counseling”– Northeast Louisiana SHRM chapter, 2009

It’s Hot: Staffing Issues from the HR Perspective“– Louisiana Staffing Association, 2009

“A+ Hiring: Workforce Planning and Employment” – Louisiana Association of Non-Profit Organizations, Annual Conference, 2008

“Establishing Partnerships with the Business & Non-Profit Sectors”– Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program, Annual Conference, 2008 (Panel Member)

“How Successful Diversity Initiatives are Integral to Effective HR Management” Greater Baton Rouge SHRM; Northwest LA SHRM chapter and Covington, LA SHRM chapter, 2005

“Behavioral Interviewing” – “Essentials in HR Management” – full-day GBRSHRM seminar, 2004

“Meeting Your Diversity Objectives in Recruiting and Retaining Employees” – LA DOL Job Center Employer Committee, 2005


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