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What People Are Saying

“Very informative and gave me a new perspective…thank you!!” 

“Her personality and humor is engaging.”

“Loved Robin’s energy! She was relevant and relatable.” 

“She is real!”

“You are an excellent speaker. Lifted me up today to continue to love HR. Thank you.”

“You’re a great speaker and keep it upbeat, funny and engaging.” 

“Interesting ideas/vision of the future for business, HR and others.”

“Thank you, Robin.  You ROCKED this presentation.  Great information, and fabulous energy. A pleasure!”

“Energetic, interesting and knowledgeable.” 

“Great presentation style.”

“Robin was a very good speaker with excellent examples.”

“Excellent speaker.  Liked her use of stories to emphasize her point.”

“This was a great webinar Robin…very informative.”

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation at this year’s Business and Finance conference in New Orleans.  Your presentation on Social HR: Behavior and Practice in our Brave New World, had attendees engaged in the topic, and your thorough knowledge as the subject matter expert was very informative and thought provoking.”

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