Speaking & Events

Upcoming Events

TA Global Gathering (July 2020) – “The Fetishization of Employee Engagement” 

Recent Events

HR Summer School (June 2020) – “How to be an Independent Thinker in a Conventional World”

TATechEurope Digital (April 2020) – “How Will Automation Change the Role of Recruiters (panel)”

HR Today |Building the Future Workforce Series (April 2020) – “Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role”

HR LEADer Online Summit (May 2020) – “Creating a Culture of Transparency and Trust”

ERE Digital 2020 – (April 2020) –  “The Biggest Loser: When HR and Recruiting Compete, No One Wins”

BalanceTrak webinar (March 2020) – “COVID-19: What Small Business HR Needs to Know”

ERE (October 2019 – Washington, DC) – “Age Discrimination: Are You Biased?” (panel)

HR Tech Conference (October 2019 – Las Vegas) – “User Adoption: How to Successfully Herd ALL the Cats!

Talent Success Conference (September 2019 – Boston, MA) – “Retention: Why it Begins (but doesn’t end!) with Recruiting”

RecFest (July 2019 – London, UK) – “I Love You HR!” (said no recruiter ever)

WorkHuman (March 2019 – Nashville, TN) – Beyond Buzzwords: Real Talk on What it Takes to Create an Amazing Culture (panel)

PRO*ACT HR Conference (April 2019 – New Orleans, LA) – “Why Retention Begins (but doesn’t end) with Recruiting”

NetConnect (April 2019 – New Orleans, LA)“Generations at Work: The Hype, The Myths and the Reality”

HR Redefined (May 2019 – NYC) – “HR Software: From Purchase to Adoption” (panel)



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