The #HROlympics

While the Olympic athletes are deciding whether or not to stay in the Olympic Village or head on out and book a room at the local Hilton, the rest of us are just sitting here waiting for the opening ceremonies to kick off next week. Those of us in HR though, in between having super-important-strategic

Why Your HR Lady Hates Holidays

Yesterday (Monday, February 22nd), in case you didn't celebrate, was Margarita Day. Due to the social pressure of Facebook and Twitter, there were any number of us who felt the need to knock back a healthy dose of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. A task - I will admit - at which I failed miserably. Today

Why I Can Be a Feminist and Still Support #MissUSA

Last night we had the kickoff meeting for the #KreweDeCrown; a team of 8 members of the Baton Rouge Social Media Association (note: the #krewe thing is total Louisiana). We’ll be serving as social media ambassadors for Visit Baton Rouge by covering events before, during, and after the 2015 Miss USA competition. We’ll be hanging out at

I Got Nothing

Seriously. I'm filling up space and making sure I generate 'content' so Google keeps liking me. Today I offer no words of solace. No observations about the workplace or the general state of the human resources profession. There is - truly - nothing. Except this really old meme. OK. That's something. Happy Friday