Your Company’s “Management Culture Number”

If there’s one word that every HR practitioner (and every employment attorney for that matter) would spend good money to have embroidered on a custom-made throw pillow to keep in their office it would be “document.”  Good grief how we love to talk about documentation. Having a coaching session with Bob about his slovenly

Collaboration: The Role of the Leader

When embarking upon an initiative to increase – and reap the benefits of – collaboration there are several steps for leaders to take at the onset: * Determine why collaboration is desired * Define what collaboration will look like in the organization * Review the current state of the organizational culture to determine readiness * Ensure people are ready, willing and

Perfecting the Nanny State: HR and Ethics

There are numerous assignments that human resources professionals either assume for themselves or have thrust upon them: driver of employee engagement, culture cheerleader, diversity leader, and wellness champion come to mind. Well intentioned perhaps but not necessarily well thought out. Another undertaking that often resides in the HR Department is oversight of corporate ethics. “HR

Hypocritical Leadership

You’ve made it! You’ve been promoted and now you’ve got that nice cushy management gig with the corner office, embossed letterhead and a budget to take other big-shots out to lunch.  You vow to never forget what it’s like working in the cubicle-farm, churning out the product and getting results for the man.  You draw