The First Step in Disruption May Be the Conversation: #rcnvsTexas

rcnvs-austin-texas-30I just returned from Houston where I attended #rcnvsTexas – an event focused on the general topic of Disruptive Talent Technology and, more specifically, on providing in-house recruiting and HR professionals with a forum for discussing talent technology in 2016 – from the ATS to referral engines to mobile apps to video.

#rcnvsTexas has been planned and coordinated by the folks at Reconverse (making their first foray into the US after hosting 140+ events in the UK over the last several years) and the crew at Recruiting Daily. This was not a sit-and-listen event; HR & TA professionals who attended were not lined up, row after row, with notebooks in hand. Nope. Instead we had a balance of (1) brief speaker presentations (2) a case study/example from a global TA professional (50,000 candidates to hire 350 top achievers.. wow!) and round Table Discussions (with wine might I add) and (3) Solution Partner Speed Meetings.

I particularly enjoyed the speed meetings; picture a speed dating event (I felt like Miranda in Sex and the City…remember that episode? She pretended she was a flight attendant?) only on one side of the table sits a solution provider and on the other side sits the HR/TA professional. Key needs? Top pain points? Knock out questions? Pertinent details? You have 10 minutes to find out if this is someone with whom you may want to go and grab a cup of coffee or attempt a first date. More meaningful than a fly-by at a conference booth; far less painful than a scheduled phone call or demo.

Did I head home ready to disrupt my HR department? No. Well, sorta; but then again I have those thoughts anyway. I WILL tell you that #rcnvsTexas gave me additional ideas in order to poke, prod and explore ways in which change – improvement – and perhaps a bit of disruption – can happen.

The conversation, after all, needs to occur before the action.

Thanks to the solution providers who participated including, among others, Rolepoint, Clinch, HiringSolved, Powermeeter, and Social Talent.

Follow along as the group (they’re on a bus!) holds events in Austin (today) and Dallas/Forth Worth on Friday. Dueling hashtags (because apparently we couldn’t decide) are #rcnvsTexas and #rcnvsTX.


Data, Systems, and Workforce Management – #KronosWorks

icon-actionI’m thrilled to be attending #KronosWorks for the 3rd year in a row. I always have a great time and I’m thankful the team at Kronos keeps inviting me back. Even after I had a bit too much wine at dinner a few years back and gushed all over Joyce Maroney. Hey… she runs the Workforce Institute and is just awesome. It was justified.

KronosWorks is a user conference in every sense of the word of course; there’s one-on-one access to Kronos employees, experts and partners. Customers will get the first-look at new technologies and product enhancements. There will be battle-hardened HR and Payroll practitioners sharing their tales from implementation past and present – “here’s what worked for us” and also “here’s where we dropped the ball.”  Over glasses of wine and between rounds on the slot machines attendees will share tips, tricks and system hacks that make their jobs easier.  (aside: having run payroll in the past, I can attest that there is nothing – dare I say nothing – that payroll folks appreciate more than a labor saving/error-reducing hack).

And Aron Ain, CEO of Kronos Incorporated will take to the stage like a dynamo. Seriously; this guy is great to watch.

One of the aspects of Kronos I particularly like is the manner in which customers are placed in industry verticals. From sales to implementation to engagement to ongoing support, customers find a home based on their industry:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Safety
  • Retail
  • Service Industries
  • All industries

At KronosWorks this allows customers from specific industries to meet, greet and network with peers who have the same or similar workforce issues. Trying to manage scheduling in a retail environment? It’s easy to find an HR/Payroll gal/guy who has implemented a scheduling solution. Dealing with 5 unions and multiple Collective Bargaining Agreements in your municipality? Find a buddy from government who has managed the same headaches. (another aside: a few years ago at Kronos Works in Orlando I hung out with a bunch of attendees who managed HR and payroll for various fire and police departments. Oh the stories!)

I’m ready for the day and I’m looking forward to great speakers, superb interactions and, perhaps, a lucky spin or two on the roulette wheel during breaks.









Top HR Products of 2015 Awards – #HRTechConf

HRTConf logoA few weeks ago, Human Resource Executive® magazine announced the ten winners of its annual Top HR Products of 2015 Awards. The winning organizations will be recognized at a special luncheon tomorrow (Monday, October 19) during the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo®

For the past 27 years, the editors of Human Resource Executive have recognized the newest HR product innovations that are transforming how key HR tasks and processes are done. Following the extensive evaluation of each solution, winning products were selected based on their level of innovation, value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user and ability to deliver on what they promise. After considering many strong submissions, the editorial team selected the following 10 solutions as the Top HR Products of 2015:

ADP Marketplace, ADP, Roseland, N.J.

ADP Marketplace is a cloud-based app store designed to serve as a one-stop shop for ADP clients looking to test out and purchase new enterprise applications from ADP and other vendors. Products available on the site are intended to be easily integrated with a client’s existing systems and data. The site includes security protocols designed to ensure the safety of clients’ information.

BetterWorks, BetterWorks, Palo Alto, Calif.

BetterWorks is a cloud-based goals platform that’s designed to help businesses engage, empower and cross-functionally align their workforces. The BetterWorks platform is inspired by the OKR model (Objectives and Key Results) pioneered by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers’ John Doerr during his time at Intel. Using the platform, individuals can add and track goals on a regular basis and link those goals to projects, other employees or other departments within their businesses. It’s optimized for mobile devices and integrates with both Workday and Salesforce.

CoPilot by NuCompass, NuCompass Mobility Services Inc., Pleasanton, Calif.

Co-Pilot is a cloud-based relocation-management platform designed to let employees manage their impending relocation relatively stress-free, while giving employers visibility and control over employee expenditures related to the move. It covers the entire relocation process, including the initial decision to authorize a move through the final accounting for the services employees use.

eQuest Gamification, eQuest, San Ramon, Calif.

eQuest Gamification is a gaming tool that’s designed to help organizations select the most appropriate job boards – based on eQuest’s database and the customer’s own unique job-performance data – on which to post a particular position. Job posters are awarded virtual trophies based on how well they follow the company’s hiring strategy, and daily results are reported to management through a company leaderboard.

HireVue Coordinate, HireVue, Salt Lake City

HireVue Coordinate is a scheduling tool that integrates with leading calendar services, such as Gmail and Exchange. It takes the criteria you have for times and interviewers and then searches the integrated calendars of the various parties to find appropriate matches. The solution is designed to take into account the interview sequence and priority, as well as conference-room availability.

I-9 Anywhere, Equifax Workforce Solutions, St. Louis

In order to streamline the process and avoid costly compliance fines from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I-9 Anywhere is designed to help organizations gather complete information and documentation for remote employees regardless of their location. It lets them fill out Section 1 of their I-9 form from anywhere, and then securely facilitate the remote completion of the I-9 Section 2 (the “hands-on” inspection and verification of identification papers) with a trusted “completer” of the company’s choosing.

Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensional Executive Assessment, Korn Ferry, Los Angeles

Korn Ferry’s 4D Executive Assessment is a tool for assessing executive job candidates and determining their fit for particular positions and organizations. Whereas many assessments only provide a partial view of an individual, 4D Executive Assessment is designed to provide a more holistic view, covering an individual’s competencies, his or her personality traits and what drives him or her, along with experiences that are aligned to particular roles. It bases its predictions on approximately 8.5 million executive and professional candidate profiles, as well as the results of 2.5 million assessments.

Permiso, Pearl Travel Tech, San Francisco

Permiso is a cloud-based program for global business travelers designed to explain more than 3,000 current immigration and tax rules for more than 40 different countries. Delivered as a software-as-a-service solution, Permiso’s information is updated by the company’s network of global legal partners who report rule changes in 72 hours and formally review their rules quarterly. Employees learn through the tool exactly what’s required of them before traveling overseas.

Workday Talent Insights, Workday Inc., Pleasanton, Calif.

Workday Talent Insights is designed to apply data science and machine-learning methods to help organizations identify talent that’s at risk of leaving and recommend courses of action. Its features include Retention Risk Analysis, which identifies trends in historical turnover data to help uncover retention risks for certain departments or the entire organization, and scorecards that can be personalized by users to provide snapshots of key data on whichever key performance indicator or business initiative they’re interested in.

Yello (formerly Recsolu) Scheduling, Yello, Chicago

Yello Scheduling is an app designed to help recruiting teams quickly schedule candidate interviews using cloud-based automation. The product is designed primarily for college recruiting, career fairs and/or mobile-device-based interviews. Yello Scheduling can be used to not only schedule the interview, but also to be the interview platform using mobile devices, with the idea of speeding up the talent search process.


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Awesome New Startups for HR – #HRTechConf

It’s year 2 for the “Awesome New Startups for HR” session at the annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the six new companies that will be featured as Awesome New Startups for HR at this year’s event. Innovative? Pushing the envelope? Shaking things up? I would expect so!

This session will take place tomorrow (opening day) of the conference and attendees will be introduced to these startups as they demonstrate their groundbreaking solutions:

Bridge US

Bridge US has reinvented how companies secure visas and green cards for foreign talent. The company’s cloud-based platform eliminates the time and paperwork associated with immigration processing, tracking and compliance. Bridge US streamlines the immigration process for hundreds of happy customers, ranging from leading startups to publicly-traded companies.

Great Hires

Great Hires will showcase its mobile-first candidate experience platform that helps companies deliver an awesome on-site interviewing experience. By providing information about the company, job and people they meet with before they walk in the door, candidates are better prepared for their interview, ensuring a positive candidate experience.


Kanjoya Perception pushes the frontiers of workforce analytics with its integration of employee engagement, performance review and unstructured text data to understand and predict which employees will do well and why. Created with state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning, the solution delivers targeted intelligence to help businesses attract, retain and motivate the best employees for their organizations.

One Model

HR applications use data but they don’t share it. One Model will demonstrate how it can help deliver a true HR data strategy across a company’s technology investments so that analytics, planning and integration can flow naturally from all of their data. One Model helps companies take control of their HR data, including the data’s history and predictive capabilities, and put them to work.


OrgVue is the leading tool for business transformation. It gives HR and OD teams a new and better way to design, transform and operate their organizations. From merger & acquisitions to organizational restructures, the company helps deliver change faster, fairly, with lower risk and lower cost.


TMBC’s StandOut is revolutionizing engagement and performance through next generation HR solutions. StandOut provides the technology to meet the needs of the present and the future with dynamic teaming, real-time statistically reliable measures of engagement and performance, and machine-learning algorithms to increase the precision of measurement over time and to deliver personalized, calibrated coaching to each user.

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