Crime and Punishment: Hiring the Burglars

A few nights ago, as I learned via the Nextdoor app on my phone, some people in my neighborhood had their vehicle stolen out of their carport. They walked out the door in the morning, keys in hand, and BAM – “WTF – where is the car?”  This happens, sadly enough, with alarming frequency

The Morning After: Employer Branding

The other night, while scrolling through my Twitter feed after a lovely dinner at the neighborhood Tex-Mex restaurant, a headline jumped out at me - A Holistic Approach: Branding the Entire Employee Lifecycle.  That sounds pretty good, I thought. Sounds like something I would say.  So I clicked through to the link and found, much to

Employees as Re-Consumers

The other day as I lay prone on the sofa flipping through channels I happened upon “When Harry Met Sally.” The last 30 minutes of “When Harry Met Sally.” Now I’ve seen this movie so many times I feel as if I not only assisted in writing the script but also hung out during filming

It’s not the “Brand” – it’s the “Experience”

We can talk all day about employer branding – and we often do. My friend Lars Schmidt has a definition that I like (and shamelessly use): “Your employer brand, at its core, is the shared values and employee experiences of your organization.” The important part of that definition, in my estimation, is “employee experiences;” the most