Why We Love HR. Really. #CarnivalofHR

giraffe valentine's dayOh human resources. A decade (!) on and we’re still battling to overcome the infamous “Why We Hate HR” article. This was such the thing back-in-the day that even SHRM commissioned a “Teaching Guide” to help us dislodge the arrows we found stuck in our collective back.

But it’s (almost) Valentine’s Day and, in the spirit of love in all its forms – agape, storge, philia and even eros – the writers on this week’s Carnival of HR share their affection for not only the things we do really well but also a bit of overall delight for this crazy profession in which we toil. And, since love knows no bounds, I’ve broken the rules for this week’s Carnival; you’ll find several posts from the semi-distant past.

So with a nod to Elizabeth Barrett Browning…

How do we love thee HR? Let us count the ways…

The business of new HR is love and social capital Jon Ingham

“I suggest the business of HR, or at least future-oriented ‘new HR’

is developing the right connections, relationships and conversations,

or generating social capital.” Jon Ingham 

10 Reasons Why I Love Being an HR Professional Andrea Devers

Best friend at work? Just have my back. Mary Faulkner

7 Tips for a Happy Work Marriage Erin McCune

Married to HR Kristina Minyard

Unconventional HR Advice: Love Your People Ben Eubanks

The Long Now of Employee Engagement Paul Hebert

How Paycor’s Guiding Principles Help It Build and Maintain Employee Engagement Chris Ostoich

The Engagement Answer Heather Bussing

“There is pretty much nothing you can do to make

employees love work or be happy. You can do all sorts of things to

completely make them miserable though.” Heather Bussing 

What Does House of Cards and Employee Personalities Have In Common? EVERYTHING. Bridget Webb

How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan for Your Employee Blake McCammon

Has your lack of leadership led to a cultural failure? Mike Haberman

Delegation: Ask Permission, Beg Forgiveness, or Practice “Per-Giveness”? Jathan Jove

What Does Successful Succession Management Look Like? Lindsay Colitses

Your Hiring Manager is Bigger than Your Brand Adam Lloyd

You’re Not Special: Puncturing Egos for the Greater Good Victorio Milian

Do You Have a Blah Blah Blah Vision or a Driving Vision? Jesse Lyn Stoner

I Love Chocolate & Great HR David Richter

“When a company’s HR department is motivated, empowered and

aligned with the strategy and values of the rest of the company,

then magic can happen. That is what I love about great HR. “

David Richter

The Benefits of a Structured New Leader Transition Process Jennifer V. Miller

All You Need Is Love… To Succeed In Social Recruiting Tim Barry

As the HR Schoolhouse Crumbles Kyle Jones


“I do think an organisation where HR, and the rest of the business,

invested in love and hugs would result a rather special

as well as healthy and productive workplace.” Jon Ingham




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