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How to Work for a Rotten Boss

It’s inevitable. At one point or another you’ll undoubtedly work for a lousy boss. Hopefully it’s already happened and you’ve moved on. Battered and bruised perhaps, but no longer under the reign of a craptastic manager. If, however, you’re still stuck, there are a few things to consider. This guy (or gal) who wields such power

The Aftermath #50ShadesofHR

MEMORANDUM   February 16, 2015 TO:                   All Employees FROM:           Janet Jones, Director of Human Resources RE:                   Inappropriate Workplace Conversations It has come to my attention that a fair number of you saw the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” this

Invite a Colleague to Lunch

Isolation at the office. People trudge into the building, settle into a cubicle or work station, and never leave the confines of their department. Lunch is consumed at one’s desk and, unless one has meetings to attend or conference calls to join, the only conversations occur with those in close proximity. So here’s something awesome you

How To Build Your HR Empire

Recently, I was doing some reading about internal barriers in organizations created by fear. In Tom Rieger’s Breaking the Fear Barrier he points out these barriers take three forms: parochialism, territorialism, and empire building. As he states: “Parochial managers do not necessarily want to take control over other departments. Instead, they build walls against others' empire