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The Neil DeGrasse Tyson of HR

Occasionally I'm witness to an interesting phenomenon when gatherings of HR professionals play a round of “HR Solar System.” This game is also known as “I’m in HR and I think the planets revolve around me.” I recall a workshop I attended where the speaker posed the following question: “if an employee is getting off track, whose

Culture: A Confederacy of HR Dunces

Over the weekend I read another let’s-bash-HR article with the title “Here’s why your human resources department hates you.” The author, Cliff Weathers, points out that HR practitioners have become “cold wardens of the workplace” and administrative bureaucrats who see themselves as “masters at the top of the corporate food chain.” The article hits on

Write a Thank You Note

I don’t know about you but I still like holding an actual book in my hand. I enjoy the pleasure of flipping through a glossy magazine. I don’t mind being handed a sheath of papers and having the ability to sit down and read, mark it up, and curl the pages. I’m not a

Join Me: Drivers of Engagement in New Hire Onboarding

We discuss employee engagement a lot don’t we? We realize there are benefits to our organizations when we have a highly engaged workforce; things like improved performance, higher productivity, and improved retention. Across the continuum of the employee life cycle there are numerous touch points and multiple opportunities for us to focus on strategies that

How to Work for a Rotten Boss

It’s inevitable. At one point or another you’ll undoubtedly work for a lousy boss. Hopefully it’s already happened and you’ve moved on. Battered and bruised perhaps, but no longer under the reign of a craptastic manager. If, however, you’re still stuck, there are a few things to consider. This guy (or gal) who wields such power