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Where do ‘Brands’ go to Die?

I read a press release yesterday announcing that the Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago will present A Salute to Advertisings Greatest Icons beginning in May. The exhibition will “examine the creation and evolution of the characters from their inception to contemporary use, through commercials, vintage print ads and packaging, and a wide variety of

Celebrate Others with Random Tweets of Kindness #RTOK

Last March my friend Lars Schmidt (@ThisisLars) chose a day and dedicated his timeline to Random Tweets of Kindness. He spent the day tweeting to people who had helped, supported, and inspired him over the years. And we're going to do it again!  As Lars wrote at Amplify Talent the other day: Random Tweets Of Kindness Returns The original

The Plight of The Elderly in Love and Work

Because I turned a certain age recently I now receive “AARP The Magazine” delivered to my home each month. (as an aside: I still can’t figure out how they know the age of the entire populace of the United States. Satellites? US Census Reports? NSA?) The cover of the February/March issue which recently landed in

When One and One Equals More than Two #Culture

Remember when Mike and Carol Brady got married and merged two households (plus Alice)? The girls had to get used to a dog, the boys had to learn all about Kitty Carryall, and everyone had to adjust to six kids sharing one bathroom. They never did a Christmas show during the original run of the

The Neil DeGrasse Tyson of HR

Occasionally I'm witness to an interesting phenomenon when gatherings of HR professionals play a round of “HR Solar System.” This game is also known as “I’m in HR and I think the planets revolve around me.” I recall a workshop I attended where the speaker posed the following question: “if an employee is getting off track, whose