Now Listen Up: #TalentTalk

old-time-radioI like to talk (surprise!) and, perhaps more specifically, I quite often like to talk about HR, talent development, and leadership.  Nothing wrong with that; I enjoy what I do in my day-to-day life and never (well, rarely ever) get tired discussing the impact exceptional HR practitioners can have on the success of their organizations.

Oh sure – the vast majority of the population may not have a burning desire to listen in to a radio show (let alone a podcast that lives on well past the air date) about HR and talent practices, but many folks, just like me, do.

If you happen to be someone who falls into the “yes; let’s talk talent!” camp, make sure to join me today (Tuesday November 29th – 1 PM PST), when I join CEO Chris Dyer from peopleG2 as we have a conversation about the state of human resources, how HR leaders can make a difference, organizational culture and whatever else strikes our fancy.

You can listen here and follow along on twitter at #talenttalk.




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