Meet the #HRTechConf Insiders!

HRTinsider1As summer here in the northern hemisphere draws to a close we’re getting set for the most magical time of year for many an HR, recruiting, and/or technology nerd – fall conference season. Note: I freely admit to being an HR nerd. No shame.

Amongst the smattering of SHRM conferences (chapter conferences, state conferences, national events) and recruiting events there also reside a few HR Technology Conferences. Since, as of yet, no one has extended an invitation to me to jaunt over the pond and attend the HR Tech World Congress in Paris, I’m pouring the bulk of my HR technology learning and networking  into the event that is, quite frankly, my favorite HR conference of the year – the HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

This year conference co-chairs Steve Boese and Dave Shadovitz have upped the ante for on-the-street-reporting (that’s my phrase, not theirs by the way) by creating a team they’ve dubbed “HR Tech Insiders.”

Hey! That’s me! And I’m excited to be working with a fantastic group of friends and colleagues.

We’ll be sharing content before, during and after the conference on the official blog, at our own blogs, and via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, more than likely, Periscope and Snapchat. So let’s meet the team:

  • Heather Bussing – Heather is an employment attorney (let’s not hold that against her; we need people like Heather….am I right?) and she writes and edits HRExaminer. She’s also a stellar photographer and, if you’re lucky, she’ll take your pic at the conference. Also, when you see her, ask about “sofalism;’ trust me.
  • Gareth Jones – I adore getting to see Gareth (at least once!) every year. He’s an HR and Tech guy and you will, I can guarantee, find him immersed in all sorts of sessions and conversations during the run of the conference. He’s also, as those Brits like to say, a bit cheeky. No wonder I look forward to seeing him.
  • Mary Kaylor – Mary, as Manager of Public Affairs for SHRM, writes and edits the SHRM blog and has the oh-so-challenging task of herding hundreds of HR gals and guys through the weekly #nexctchat (including me). You know what I love? The fact that Mary has taken a very active role over the last few years of the HR Technology Conference; spreading the info and knowledge about technology to in-the-trenches HR professionals.
  • Sharlyn Lauby – What can we say about Sharlyn? She is just plain awesome, that’s what! Known as the “HR Bartender” she’s also recently published her first book Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers. And if you want to find the best cheeseburgers in Vegas… ask Sharlyn; she’ll clue you in.
  • Jennifer Payne – Jen has been a long time HR Tech Conference attendee, blogger and knowledge maven. Not only is she one of the cofounders of the popular Women of HR site she’s an HR leader overseeing talent acquisition and development for a regional grocery chain. She will also, undoubtedly, be wearing super awesome shoes while in Vegas!
  • Tim Sackett – I adore me some Tim Sackett and fully intend to get some hugs in Vegas; it’s his thing after all. Not only is Tim a great HR and Talent leader he also hosts a weekly series on his blog called T3 (Talent Tech Tuesday) designed to educate and inform. Great stuff!
  • …and me!

I hope you can join us in Vegas – find me wandering the Expo Hall or hanging in a session and we’ll grab a nosh, sit at a slot machine, have a cocktail, and dive into whatever sort of topic you wish to discuss. Plus, if you use event registration code SCHOOLING you’ll receive a $150.00 discount off the registration fee (including Early Bird rates). Register HERE!

See you in October!


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