Hey Kids…it’s @Animal! #TimSackettDay

animal3Today, January 22nd, is our own little holiday in the HR/Recruiting community. On #TimSackettDay we celebrate the unsung heroes and inspirational folks in our community. Past honorees have been Tim Sackett, Paul Hebert, Kelly Dingee, and Victorio Millian. It’s always a surprise to the honoree…even more fun!

This year we’re honoring that master radio host and the guy who you either know as (1) a creepy clown avatar or (2) the dude donning a huge furry hat (hey..its COLD in Canada!).

Hail Animal. (Yeah…I also never think of him as Michael.)

He’s been blogging since 2004, started the Recruiting Animal blog in 2006 and then, in 2007, he launched the Recruiting Animal Show – the first online call-in show about recruiting.

It’s still going strong.

And it’s loud and raucous and lively (well, depending on the guest one could argue). It’s a place for recruiters and those in their orbit to speak their minds.

Sometimes….I’m not the only one who says this BTW….it scares me just a little.

But Michael (he’s not Animal in this case) is thoughtful, generous and caring. I guest hosted a twitter chat of his a few years ago  and had a blast; I’m waaaaaaaaay to intimidated to ever be a guest on his show. Goofball. He runs a Facebook group where I sweat to you I hear his voice just reading his works. He applauds people when they’re doing great things, sends wishes, shares pics, highlights new and cool ideas. He welcomes everyone into the orbit of recruiters and HR practitioners and vendors.

But, perhaps more valuable to all of us, he’s not afraid to poke people/ideas/BS with a stick when it’s called for. He doesn’t stand for nonsense, false bravado or bluster. He was the very definition of social practically before anyone even called it “social media.”

Love this guy.



Happy #TimSackettDay Animal!




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