No Joke: Your HR Lady is the Funnest Person You (Don’t) Know

I’m going to let you in on a secret; those aloof stern-faced bureaucrats who work in your human resources department are, quite possibly, some of the most engaging and enjoyable people at your company. I’m not kidding. They’re probably a

Making Employee Benefits Sexy! #SHRM15

In the king-sized bed of core human resources accountabilities employee benefits nestles up alongside compensation and compliance in a ménage a trois of least sexy HR responsibilities. Snuggled together under a cozy fleece blanket these three are necessary to the

Guess What HR? You Don’t “Hire & Fire”

If you work in human resources what follows is a pretty common exchange. Random Guy You Just Met: “What do you do?” You: “I work in human resources.” RGYJM: “Oh. So you hire and fire.”   Right? Am I right?