Curiosity did NOT Kill the (HR Lady’s) Cat

One tip I regularly give HR professionals is “be wildly curious about EVERYTHING.” I would put that on a tshirt or maybe even embroider it on pillow if I could sew. I want HR pros to listen. I want them to read and pay attention. I want them to think. When explaining away our lack of awareness on

No Joke: Your HR Lady is the Funnest Person You (Don’t) Know

I’m going to let you in on a secret; those aloof stern-faced bureaucrats who work in your human resources department are, quite possibly, some of the most engaging and enjoyable people at your company. I’m not kidding. They’re probably a lot of fun. Naturally you scoff. It’s highly likely you’ve never witnessed your HR leader displaying

A Different Twist on HR Networking

Over the last week I’ve read just about every #SHRM15 recap post. In 99.9% of them (ok, I just pulled that statistic out of the air but it’s pretty close) the author opined something like “networking is one of the greatest benefits for attendees of the big show.” I do have to say, after attending

Do Something Awesome Every Day

I recently had lunch with a woman I worked with several years ago; she and I had interacted somewhat frequently to attend to business but we also genuinely liked each other. Simpatico and compatible. After catching up on the phone lamenting the fact that too much time had passed, we decided to get together, have a

Celebrate Others with Random Tweets of Kindness #RTOK

Last March my friend Lars Schmidt (@ThisisLars) chose a day and dedicated his timeline to Random Tweets of Kindness. He spent the day tweeting to people who had helped, supported, and inspired him over the years. And we're going to do it again!  As Lars wrote at Amplify Talent the other day: Random Tweets Of Kindness Returns The original