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original_set-of-12-handmade-thank-you-note-cardsI don’t know about you but I still like holding an actual book in my hand. I enjoy the pleasure of flipping through a glossy magazine. I don’t mind being handed a sheath of papers and having the ability to sit down and read, mark it up, and curl the pages. I’m not a fan of newspapers though; I don’t think I’ve sat and read a printed newspaper for years.

But I like love hand written cards and notes.

A birthday card received in the mailbox. A note left on my desk. A post-it note slapped on my monitor.

Nice little reminders to stop for a moment and appreciate human connections.

So here’s something awesome you can do today.

Take a few minutes, sit down with pen in hand and compose a thank you note to someone who’s made a difference in your week. Surprise your co-worker in the next cubicle, the hard-working receptionist who manages the flow of visitors to your office, or a colleague in another department.

Deliver it yourself…or support the USPS. Your choice.


image: (and cards available at) notonthehighstreet


6 thoughts on “Write a Thank You Note

  1. One of the things I’m actually taking on as a Lenten practice is hand-writing letters – not necessarily thank-you notes, because I’m sure there will be some of those too, but just physically putting pen to paper and connecting that way.

    I love getting mail – well, mail that’s not a bill or junk – and it’s reminding me to be more aware and thankful of the people in my life. I highly recommend it, and will probably keep it up afterward, because it just gives me a warm fuzzy.

  2. I send thank you notes, greetings cards to all of my family, friends, co-workers. A note/card is very personal and through the technology today and no interfacing with conversation it is alway nice to receive a thinking of you, wishing you well, etc. You just never know whose life will be touched and what they are facing at the time that they recieve the card/note.

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