Analog or Digital? Recruiting Hourly Workers

job board paperI recently got to chat with my friend Tim Sackett about the challenges many organizations face when sourcing, attracting and hiring hourly workers. We discussed some techniques and tools that have worked well for us and, hopefully, will work for you too!

As Tim said…..

“I go to a lot of recruiting conferences each year, and I’ve noticed recently that I can find a large number of sessions at those conferences on how to recruit technical and IT talent, nurses, and other white-collar professionals. But what I never find is a session on how to recruit the hourly worker. Remember Joe the plumber? Yeah, that guy!

Hourly workers are increasingly becoming some of the most difficult hires we make in our organizations. Does this sound familiar? “Oh, anyone can do that, Tim! Just put up a job posting and schedule some interviews. The ones that actually show up get the job.”

Unfortunately, you would be shocked at how many organizations still believe this is how you hire your hourly staff. Frequently, very little attention and resources go into these hires, and yet they can make up a majority of your workforce. Take a look at your recruiting budget right now. What percentage of your budget goes to hourly hiring versus professional hiring, and how many hires is that for each?

What I see in my business is that most organizations spend anywhere from four to five times as much on professional hiring as they do on hourly hiring, and I’ve seen that run as high as 10 to 20 times more! There’s no doubt that professional hiring is more expensive, but should it be five to ten times per hire more?

Organizations need to understand this difference in cost-per-hire between hourly and professional positions. In many cases, great talent acquisition leaders can find extra money in the professional hiring budget to incorporate some new techniques and tools to better hire hourly employees.”

Read the rest of this SHRM article –> Viewpoint: Recruiting Hourly Employees in a Digital World   — we had some good suggestions if I do say so myself!



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